Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a Lay Apostolate working within the sanction of the Church. Under the powerful leadership of Mary, the Legion is answerable to the Pastor, the Bishop and the next higher Council of the Legion. The name of St. Margaret Mary Parish Legion of Mary Praesidium is Mystical Rose and the primary purpose of the Legion is a call to holiness of its members. The mission of the Legion is three-fold: Conversion – evangelization by sharing our beliefs with others; Conversation – strengthening faith in all people; and Consolation – consoling the bereaved, visiting the elderly, ill and imprisoned.

The legion is committed to the needs of the parish by doing the work set for by the Pastor. This work includes visits to hospitals, assisted living homes and hospitals and listening to cares, concerns and needs of patients. Inquiries for material or physical assistance are entrusted to the Pastor or Parish Office. In summer months, the Legion visits door to door in assigned areas, reaching out to Catholics who are not registered in the parish or not practicing their faith. All work done by the Legion of Mary is of a spiritual nature; to offer encouragement, understanding, compassion and prayer. As a devotion to Mary, each Friday evening, a Legion member takes the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to the home of a parishioner who has requested it.

The group is self-supporting and all the needs of the Legion are handled within the organization. The Legion consists of men and women of the parish committing 3.5 hours each week to Legionary prayer and work. The Legion meets Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in the Art Room in St. Margaret Mary Convent at 2848 Herr Street in Harrisburg. The meeting consists of saying the rosary, Legion prayers and each Legionary’s report.

To become involved, contact Lois A. Mavretic at (717) 652-3113 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .